Being a crazy cat lady

This is slightly ironic in the sense that being a crazy cat lady took place at the Elephant Nature Park.

Everyone was so excited to see the elephants that a lot of people didn’t even notice the Cat Kingdom here, a haven for wild and rescued cats and kittens.

The bustle of life meant that I had neglected a true connection with my grey-furred blue-eyed family friend at home. Spending time here allowed me to regain this love for all things feline. DSCN5811 The first afternoon I spent here was abruptly interupted by an elephant who decided to stampede to very close territory. The hilarity was unbeatable – the cats were frantically bundling together and catapulting themselves over the fence to a ‘safe place’. I am certain most of these kittens had never spotted an elephant until now. 

I managed to spend some real quality time with this unbelievably cute kitten I avidly named ‘patch’…DSCN5847DSCN5842Whilst cats and kittens are rescued, they are also completely enriched. When I visited there were bags of beads, strings, feathers and bells and during any point in the day, you could pop in and make some toys [which is more difficult than it sounds].

One feather attached to a string and I already had a swarm of cats attacking me so completing it proved challenging and took quite some time DSCN5511 They most importantly have access to the most beautiful natural surroundings – the fresh river, the herb garden at their doorstep and soooo much wildlife.

It is true that every animal can teach you something.

So what did being a crazy cat lady for the week teach me?

Cats are such a content species. So independent and so connected at the same time. I spent time instead of senselessly chatting just watching them respond to every sound or movement, being playful or just doing absolutely nothing but sleep.

We could definitely learn a thing or two about being in the moment. It calmed my mind and my body. Which brings me to the most important thing to take away today:

These cats taught me most importantly to RELAX. DSCN5532 DSCN5815 DSCN5825 DSCN5832Ever visited the growing trend of cat cafes?

Happy Relaxing!


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